I've been digging through piles of prints at the studio and realizing most of them aren't up on my SHOP page so I TOOK A VOW to remedy that. New prints added today. More to come.

ALSO: If your band needs a black and white flyer for an upcoming show, WRITE ME! I'm itching to make some messy weirdo xerox's. Quick and dirty and cheap.  dflattum(AT)

Oh and there might be some exciting news soon regarding THE HAND...


There's only so much you can do BUT THERE'S SO MUCH YOU CAN DO. v2

For the next week or so, all of the proceeds from my website will be donated to help those affected by hurricane Harvey.

Texas holds a very special place in my heart (and Houston especially), as some of the first Texas shows my old band played were at the original Emo's in Houston. All of the people we met there over the years were incredibly hospitable and kind to us and I consider myself very fortunate to have spent so much time there. Its not too hippy to trace the support I was given then, to the life that I'm able to live now, so if I can give a bit back with some art that'd be great. I'll be adding more items throughout the week but if you want a book or some new art go click around my Store. 


To everyone who bought something last month THANK YOU. We were able to donate money to both the Oakland Fire Relief Fund and TAP (Trans Assistance Project). Here's to a better 2017.


You can only do so much but THERE'S SO MUCH YOU CAN DO.

2016 sucks, and 2017 is looming like a brutal drunken train wreck, so artists and musicians and weirdos and freaks and the losers and the lost and the marginalized and the forgotten and the fucked with and the frightened all need to bind together stronger than ever.

For the rest of this garbage year, all proceeds from my website will be going to a handful of bleeding heart charities and the Oakland fire victims fund. 

Now more than ever we need to help each other and protect each other and encourage each other and lift each other up.

We need to shine so brightly we melt all the hate. We can do this.

We have to. 


The Project LOOP skatepark fundraiser auction runs until Dec. 5th - Bid Now!

TULIP is out in the world & was given a beautiful write up from the wonderful folks at Aquarius Records in SF.

3 more songs from THE HAND out soon!


Steel Pole Bath Tub / Tulip reissue

The remastering is complete. The test pressings approved and I just received copies of the gatefold sleeve and the 8 page insert. HUGE thanks to Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering for all his help rebuilding the audio and to Casey Burns for the beautiful illustration. Out on Sinister Torch soon.  PREORDERS AVAILABLE MIDDLE OF AUGUST AT SINSTERTORCHDOTCOM.