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"TOOTH makes needles out of haystacks."
Dirk Fowler

"Blunt, in your face, yet abstract at the same time. Much of this book feels sticky to me for some reason. I'm glad Dale has kept this up and sharpened his art tongs over the years."
Jello Biafra

“TOOTH’s exquisite work looks so effortless. He can do in a moment what I have to STRUGGLE to do. I’m jealous!”
Art Chantry

Wayne Coyne


We've long been fans of Dale Flattum, as have you we're guessing, his musical resume is pretty impressive, even just considering it features late great SF noise rockers Steel Pole Bathtub, but then there's his various other groups, as well as solo and semi-solo projects, Milk Cult, Agent Nova, CC Nova, Novex as well as his most recent band The Nein, and that's just musically, all that time he's been creating some of the coolest visual art too. Art you've no doubt been exposed to, whether you realized it or not. Posters, flyers, record covers; his style raw and primitive, very DIY, black and white, photocopied clip art, all created under the alias Tooth. And much of his finest graphic art is collected here in this massive book, and holy cow is this a feast for the eyes, some of it's surreal, some super simple and striking, collages, original illustrations, purloined and recontextualized images, and our favorite, his illustrations made from super simple geometric shapes, deftly cut and arranged into figures and characters, a few images here that will immediately make you realize all the different places you've been exposed to Tooth's visual propaganda. We've been poring over this book, and every time we crack it open we see something new, or discover some hidden details, the art managing to be totally visually arresting, sometimes ridiculously simple, but always with more going in that immediately meets the eye, the magic of Tooth we presume. Most record nerds like us will definitely dig this stuff, as much of it you've scene, and the stuff you haven't will push the same buttons as the stuff you already know and love. Heck, there's even a flyer Tooth made for aQ when we hosted a Milk Cult / Agent Nova instore way back in 1997! And as if that weren't enough (and it is, believe us!) the book also comes with a cd compilation, featuring tracks from Flattum's various musical projects, all of the above mentioned outfits, from the sample laced, surprisingly poppy noise rock of Steel Pole Bath Tub (8 tracks!), to the quirky home brewed pop of Novex, all acoustic guitars, programmed beats, crooned vox and random crackle and hiss, the weird cinematic lo-fi experiments of CC Nova, the dreamy sunshiney fuzz pop of Novex, the glitch electro gloom pop of Agent Nova, and finally the electronic laced weirdo pop of The Nein, reminds us how great pretty much all of Flattum's bands were, and has us definitely wanting to hear more of The Nein. 
Needless to say, WAY recommended, visually AND sonically, a retro flashback for old folks like us, but a good way for a new generation to hear and see what they may have missed, and realize, that all this stuff looks and sounds as good as it ever did!
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